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Recover from addiction 

An Alternative Approach To Traditional Treatment

Traditional treatment solutions don’t work for everyone. We observed a lack of modern addiction programs and so we created something new. Our program is designed around modern addiction science and is unlike any other. Our aim is to pioneer a new way for people struggling with addiction to get help.

Educational Addiction Support

Boom Online Addiction Education has been in the making for a number of years. We have designed a program that can be accessed online, from your own home and at your own pace. Learn about your addiction, gain skills to regulate your emotions and learn a new way of living. Watch recorded seminars, access written work and assignments in our secure client portal.


Learn About Yourself


Modify Behaviour


Live An Amazing Life

Our approach

We wanted to provide a platform where addiction help was accessible to more people. Providing educational content online allows people to improve themselves without stopping their lives.

“In my years of running a treatment facility I have seen far too many people avoid seeking help because they did not feel comfortable with conventional treatment methods. I wanted to find a way for those to get help and recover.”

Jacqueline Armour, Founder

What We Teach

Theory Of Addiction

What is addiction? Is it genetic or a consequence of circumstances? We explore these theories.

Family of Origin

Breaking the cycle of unhealthy family systems is an essential part of recovering.

Relapse Prevention

Recovery is a lifelong journey and relapse is a reality for many. Learn skills to avoid relapse.

Coping Skills

Overcoming obstacles. How we can cope with life events on our journey to recovery.


We believe addiction is linked to childhood trauma. Explore how past experiences shape us.

Support Groups

Finding others who have walked in our shoes is a valuable tool. Discover how support groups work.

Our courses offer educational videos, weekly assignments and daily readings/goals.

Meet Our Team

Jacqueline Armour

Founder and Clinical Director

Kyle Robertson

Director of Online Education

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