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Alcoholism is defined by a need or desire to drink alcohol despite negative consequences resulting from drinking.


Drug use/ substance abuse

Substance abuse occurs when substance(s) are used in a manner that negatively impacts an individuals physical, social, and emotional wellbeing.


sex addiction

Sex addiction is process addiction where an individual is preoccupied by sexual desires and often acts out in behaviours destructive to themselves and others.


pornography addiction

Pornography addiction is classified as process addiction where pornography becomes a compulsion an obsession.


other process addictions

Any process or behaviour that is repeatably engaged inĀ  despite negative consequences is a process addiction. Gambling, gaming, and eating are a few examples.

Addiction is Addiction

Regardless Of The Substance

A common misconception about addiction is that an individual may be addicted to one substance but be will okay to use another. We believe that addiction is addiction. The feelings behind addiction are the same.


The Underlying Reasons Why We Use

Are what we must look at when trying to treat addiction. Often trauma and negative expereances from our past are why we use.


Our Program Is Not Drug Specific

We set aside what substances we use. Thats why our program is not drug specific. Our program focuses on how we can change our behaviour.


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