Course Format.

Online video Lectures

  • Our Boom Basic’s programs is designed to be taken over an eight week period. Each week will contain video content to help you better understand your addiction.
  • View on your own time, as each week passes a new week with more videos will be released to view in our secure client portal.
  • Learn about addiction and how to live in recovery by watching psycho-educational lectures on a broad spectrum of topics.
  • Our videos teach you in-depth about the biology, psychology and the recovery process of your disease.


  • After watching weekly videos, assignments will be released.
  • Your assignment will help you reflect on each topic and discover how it relates to your own experience.
  • There are no right or wrong answers, the goal is to provoke thought and see how the video topics apply to you.


  • You will find a new recovery orientated readings in your client portal.
  • These readings are aimed to help you shift your thinking towards a new perspective.

What We Teach

Theory Of Addiction

What is addiction? Is it genetic or a consequence of circumstances? We explore these theories.

Family of Origin

Breaking the cycle of unhealthy family systems is an essential part of recovering.

Relapse Prevention

Recovery is a lifelong journey and relapse is a reality for many. Learn skills to avoid relapse.

Coping Skills

Overcoming obstacles. How we can cope with life events on our journey to recovery.


We believe addiction is linked to childhood trauma. Explore how past experiences shape us.

Support Groups

Finding others who have walked in our shoes is a valuable tool. Discover how support groups work.


Learn About Yourself


Modify Behaviour


Live An Amazing Life