Info For Therapists.


To my fellow colleagues that are fighting addiction alongside their clients. You are walking a long hard road and, in many cases, feel isolated and exhausted. If you are like me, you feel overwhelmed and realize that there is not enough time in a session to treat and educate your client at the same time. You have considered facilitating educational groups; however, this may not be in your skill set, you may not have time in your schedule, or you may not have a consistent number of addiction clients to make the group financially feasible. I have faced all these dilemmas myself in private practice. You are not alone.

We have created a platform where your clients can learn more about addiction, work at their own pace, complete assignments, and learn new coping skills that will enhance the work you are doing with them. We are not a 12-step program; however, we do support the involvement of clients with their local support groups. We do not advertise any other services on this site as we are not here to steal anyone’s clients. We are only here to help.


For the therapist, we hold monthly consultation forums, and provide education on using the site and completing the assignments. We will help you every step of the way at no cost to you. You will be able to go online and check on your client’s progress and gain an insight into their understanding of their own recovery.

Your Client’s Recovery is Our Priority.