What is Boom?

What we do

Helping You Find Your Way Through Recovery With Our Online Program

Are you struggling with addiction and want to make positive changes in your life?

Addiction is NOT a fun place to be. What used to be harmless fun becomes a never ending spiral of guilt, shame, and self loathing. Addiction takes the spark out of life and robs us of the things we once enjoyed. We here at Boom understand what it’s like, as all of us were once in active addiction. We were fortunate enough to get sober and recover. If you think you have a problem with addiction we are able to help. We invite you to check out our site and see if Boom would be a good fit for you.


We are an educational addiction program offered online

Addiction is a crippling disease and far too many people suffer from the devastation it causes. We saw a lack of alternative programs for those seeking help for addiction and wanted to create something new.

Boom offers new age addiction education

Our course has been carefully designed by a Certified Addictions Counselor (ICAD, CCAC) who has a vast history working in residential treatment centers and runs her own outpatient treatment facility.

Not everyone has the desire or ability to attend rehab

And we wanted to offer addiction education through video lectures and assignments through an online platform to help those seeking alternative ways to get sober.

Boom is an individual recovery program

Our program does not offer therapy. Instead you will get weekly lessons and assignments to help you self-discover. If you join our program and would like therapy in addition to our course we would be happy to help you find a therapist in your area.

We recommend our program to be a tool as part of your recovery

Everyone has different needs and requirements. We highly recommend that you use all available tools to beat addiction. Boom can be a great program to take alongside other supports such as support groups and therapy. 

Boom is NOT based on 12-Step Programs

We support everyones choice of community support groups to get sober, our curriculum is not based on 12-Step content.